Hey, it’s me again. Writing at this late hour bc my conscience won’t let me sleep. It sucks!

I act unprofessionally towards my least competent student. Yes, I know that as a teacher — PATIENCE is the driving force. Yet, I blow a fuse towards my students earlier. I feel guilty and ashamed. Something that I would never want to experience again.

So here I am, pouring it through letters that formed into words.

I know that I should not be harsh on myself but I just can’t help it. It’s so fucked up. I hate this feeling.

Never. Again. Ever.



I have actually read this quotes for a couple of times now and wondered what it truly meant. So as a good steward of the internet, I put it into good use by searching what it truly means.

Thankfully, a community of opinionated people online share their own take on the above notion which bottomline into this question: “What is your happiness?” And happiness here DOES NOT pertain to ephemeral joy ONLY. Thus, it refers to an ETERNAL one. One that money could not afford, one that only you can be the master of.

As I come to think about it — I now questioned myself on what truly happiness is for me.

The answer: CONTENTMENT.

What about you?

Regardless, I hope that you’ll spend your life happily and gratefully. Do more of what makes you happy. Carpe diem!



Been reading this memoir of Michelle Obama and daaang it’s one for the books. I’m really bewildered coz I never thought of me enjoying every minutiae deets of her life story. ((I’m still halfway through tho lol))

This book is truly charming in her own way — just like its’ author. Can’t count how many times I’ve said my fair share of “aww” and “oohhs” since I’ve resonated w/ single Michelle in an abysmal depth and levels! 😂

And another reason to read this literature: BARACK OBAMA 🤯